Other Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease Including Homeopathic Options

There are a number of other treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease including homeopathic both prescription and non-prescription treatments and supplements that have been studied over the years.  This article will focus on other treatments than the traditional prescription such as Aricept® and Namenda®. Some have made the news, but unfortunately most have not had proper controlled studies to verify the anecdotal results.  I will through the course of this and supplemental blogs give some of the better known with, if any, the results reported by research.

First, what is Alzheimer’s disease?  It is the most common form of dementia (approx. 50%) that is characterized by B-amyloid and tangles (tau) on the brain.  These can be diagnosed with the aid of PET and MRI scans in addition to other tests performed by a physician.  Its most common symptoms are loss of short term memory, disorientation in a familiar environment, loss of some cognitive functions and is a regressive disease with no known cure.

Coconut Oil:  This is available in many supermarkets and health food stores as an over the counter supplement.  It is a lower cost source of caprylic acid (MCT) found in the prescription food Axona.  Coconut oil also has antioxidants.  It should be used in its uncooked form.  A downside of coconut oil is that it has more saturated fats than lard especially when cooked.  There is a clinical trial currently seeking enrollment at  This study is in response to Dr. Mary Newport of Spring Hill, FL and you can read about her at

Axona:  This is a prescription medical food that provides caprylic acid.  Prescription medical foods have been approved by the FDA, but do not have to go through as many clinical trials as prescription pharmaceuticals.  Thus Axona, has shown in clinical research better cognitive tests and better overall function than with a placebo.

Turmeric:  This herb from India is used in curry recipes.  It has anti-amyloid, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  There are research trials around the country.  Downside issues are liver toxicity in high doses, increased gall blather problems and rashes of the skin.

Coral Calcium:  This over the counter supplement is from coral reefs.  There are no clinical trials the author is aware of.  It has been reported to have concerns about the environment and the purity of the specific brand.  It also may contain lead, radiation and other unknown materials.  It is not recomented for AD.

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