Many times, people will call a home care company and say…

Home Care Company Tampa“How much do you charge?” They are always surprised that the cost for senior home care company services is significantly higher than the fees of a local community caregiver. The families make comments such as, “Oh, I am going to get the lady that goes to church with Mom to take care of her – she only charges $10.00 an hour.” There are many problems with the “cheaper is better” philosophy. For example, if the family hires an individual, they become the employer of that individual, subject to all federal and state withholding taxes including income taxes, federal unemployment taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes to name a few. Consider the lack of training regarding independent senior home care providers. The minimum standard for training set by the company includes special training in Dementia.  They are given sets of do’s and don’ts the unqualified but nice lady from the church won’t know.

Given this scenario, one can readily see that contracting with a legitimate, high standard, licensed senior home care provider is the safest way to go when care is needed in the home.

senior home care - caregiving with love tampaHow do you determine if a senior home care agency is a legitimate, high standard provider? You must assess many important factors. First, what is their background screening process? This should include national criminal history, pending problems from the Wanted Person’s Watch List, Government Sanctions for fraudulent or violent behaviors, the National Sex Offenders Data Base, the Terrorist Watch List and the motor vehicle reports. Look at relevant employment history and identify if any restrictions have been lodged against the caregiver.

Next, how do you determine if a caregiver is proficient in the skills required to do the job?  In other words, is the client the same, better or worse from the last visit?  By contracting with a legitimate senior home care company with quality credentials, the family need not worry about the liability of social security taxes, or any of the other problems associated with directly hiring workers. Yes, hiring a quality home care company costs more than hiring a care provider directly. But why would anyone take the extreme chances with bringing in a care provider into their home without the layers of protection afforded through legitimate home care companies? The risks are more than anyone should take on when providing for your loved one’s care.

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Why does Caregiving With Love have a 4 hour minimum per shift?

Many our clients are seniors and it takes them longer to accomplish every day tasks. We want them to enjoy this time in their lives and not be “rushed.” Also, by guaranteeing our caregivers hours we are able to maintain and keep the best quality caregivers in the Tampa Bay area.

Why use a Home Care Agency instead of private duty caregivers from the newspaper or a friend?

  • Caregiving With Love does nationwide criminal and abuse background checks with fingerpring through the Agency for Health Care Administration, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), & FBI as well as employment background & driving record checks for each caregiver.
  • Caregiving With Love interviews each and every caregiver in depth to further comprehend the caregiver’s personality and the caregiver as a person.
  • Caregiving With Love successfully matches clients with a satisfactory caregiver 95+% of the time - the first time
  • We are competatively priced in comparison to other agencies and often less than franchises.
  • Caregiving With Love always has a backup caregiver for each individual case available 24 hours a day - No matter how great the caregiver, something may happen over time that prevents the caregiver from fully performing their duties.
  • Caregiving With Love makes regular visits to the client’s home to ensure the client is happy with the caregiver and the caregiver is satisfying the client and their family members.
  • Caregiving With Love uses their knowledge and experience with each individual client to place an appropriate backup caregiver when the need arises.
  • Please see bottom of page for more in-depth information.

If my parents are skeptical or reluctant, can we try the services for a month or two and go from there?

Yes. Quite often our clients start off with the minimum number of hours and days. As their needs change, the services are increased accordingly.

If my dad has a setback in health can you increase his service?

Many times we have increased services to 24 hours a day for a short period of time during a crisis, and then, as our clients recover, we decrease the services to their current level of need.

Can Caregiving With Love provide services in assisted living facilities?

Yes. People sometimes discover that the assistance provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. Caregiving With Love provides what no assisted facility can - ONE on ONE care. This may delay the need for more intense care from the facility, thus saving a significant sum of money and getting the benefits of one on one care.

Does Caregiving With Love cost about the same as an assisted living facility or nursing home?

No. The average cost of service from Caregiving With Love is typically 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of an assisted living facility. As the level of care increases in the facility, the cost of the assisted living facility will normally exceed this highest charge Caregiving With Love has which is 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. (hourly).

How do I start services? How soon can you start?

Please see How it Works